Started the Course in Miracles earlier this year. Some days I keep doing the lesson from the day prior mostly because I feel like I didn’t give the lesson the attention it deserved. This week, I’ve been stuck for five days on the same page of the workbook. Sigh. Back-to-school has me thinking of nothing besides transistioning all three of my kids into new situations. At night I remember that I did NOT remember to apply my daily lesson in any way, shape or form.

This morning as I was able to take a breath – I began chastising myself in the car after dropping the carpool kids off at school at my lack of focus. The cloud shuffled this up for me:

Perfect. Thank you for the reminder, Universe. Yes – I will try to be easier on myself.  Yes – I know God gave me everything I want already. I just got to have faith a faith a faith a faith-ah

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