Breakfast in America

My mother has said that living with me is the greatest thing ever because she doesn’t have to think about what to make for dinner anymore and worry about shopping for it. I think about all the years she had to do just that with no help from any of us and I weep for my future. Well, maybe not weep exactly, but let out a heavy sigh. It is a never-ending to-do with high stakes that could involve eye rolls and gagging if I don’t get it right.

My husband does take the responsibility once a week and makes Breakfast for Dinner. Which besides being my favorite night of dinner because I don’t have to think about it – it’s also the kid’s favorite night of dinner because they’ll eat anything that is labeled ‘breakfast.’ Eggs, bacon, berries, pancakes, muffins, melon, etc etc. etc.

So, I guess another piece of advice I would tell new parents, is serve the things you’re worried about your kid not liking in the future (green vegetables, fish, lean protein, anything not from McDonalds or out of a chip bag) and serve them for breakfast every once in awhile and call them Breakfast Foods. Use capitals for emphasis. With that kind of programming for when they become older, they are bound to eat them on Breakfast for Dinner night.

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