When You Believe

Remember the scene in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back where Luke tries to raise his ship from the swamp with the force and is unable to do it? He explains himself to Yoda that it’s too big and that Yoda wants the impossible. And then Yoda raises the ship and Luke says he can’t believe it and Yoda says “That is why you fail.”

Well screw you, Yoda! Really. I’m trying! Maybe you could be a little less accusatory and little more generous with your Force using and give me a hand while I’m sitting here stranded on this swamp of a planet trying to defeat an incredibly evil empire. Huh?

Somedays I’m Luke. Fewer days, I’m Yoda – aside from the hair growing in places that I’ve never seen hair grown from before. But I swear on everything I love that on the days that I’m Yoda – I’ll be a little less blamey to the trying Lukes fighting for what’s right. And I’ll lift their spaceships and not mock them over it. 

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