Boo To You

No surprise that I love Disney around Halloween.

People ask me a lot if Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is ‘worth it.’ And while the answer is subjective, and would change depending on who I was talking to – I really recommend spending the extra cash – and then of course doing your homework to do it right.

Though we are going in the spring of next year with my sister-in-law and her cutest family,  I am still melancholy that we will be missing the Boo To You Parade. The best parade (for my money) in the parks. And Hallowishes.

So allow me to relive a few memories…




Yes. DH is all that in a purple polyester suit. This was the first MNSSHP we attended and we closed the place down with a 5 year old who was ready to curl up in the middle of Main Street and spend the night there. (And DSI’s colonist costume was slowly getting less restrictive and becoming pajamas.)



My kid chose to be the Swedish Chef. He was a huge hit.




One of the most fun character interactions we’ve had was with the Mad Hatter while DDR was dressed as a Mad Hatter.



My kid chose to be Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam people. He was a bigger hit.

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