It Was a Very Good Year

I know that we don’t need an arbitrary date to start fresh. But saying good-bye to 2016 feels pretty refreshing about now.

I have not been very happy this year. I do not look back at the year fondly. I do have to recognize the good that happened this past year so as not to be an insufferable whiner who refuses to be grateful for the wealth all around me. Here goes…

January 2016 

DDR got her braces off AND got her ears pierced.

Three particular ladies who live in my town made a point to be nice to me while I was having great anxiety about getting out of my house. They probably don’t know what their seemingly small actions meant to me and that makes their kindness that much more sweet.

The Gainesville Florida Police Department released this video:


February 2016

DSC started playing the trombone.

My family and I spent a really lovely day touring the Worcester Art Museum and eating at Plaza Azteca which inspired DSC to make his own guacamole recipes that I get to enjoy whenever I am able to bring home ripe avocados.

Tom Brady released this video:


March 2016

DDR had an amazing time in Bye Bye Birdie as the little brother at her middle school.

I produced another successful lip sync for the elementary school. DSC and a few of his besties closed the show with their interpretation of My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy

Image may contain: 4 people

Image may contain: 2 people

We found out there were flying squirrels in our attic (Eeeeeek!) The pest control peeps immediately came and took care of everything  with very little loss of human or rodent life.

We celebrated Easter with a movie marathon of videos the Easter Bunny brought us: The Good Dinosaur, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Blob.

April 2016

DSI played a wacky CIA agent in his school play and finally felt like part of the school community after a long transition to the new school.

One of the loves of my life had his screenplay produced into a major motion picture that was released in April of 2016. One of my most favorite moments of my whole life was sitting through the opening credits crying my eyes out from pride and happiness.

My peonies were especially beautiful.

No automatic alt text available.

DDR and DSC had their first dance recital with their new dance studio. Both were fantastic.

May 2016

DDR was in another play at her middle school this time as Simple Simon and she was simply great.

DSC made me a Mother’s Day breakfast that included toast topped with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.

Image may contain: food

DSI started seeing a girl! He asked her to the school’s last dance of the school year. She ended up wanting ‘more’ and DSI stopped seeing her. It was a tumultuous 10 days.

A friend started a life coaching venture. She probably has little idea what her taking that risk represented to me but it held great meaning in my own life. I got real about several things I had been making excuses for.

June 2016

My months of listening to Hamilton rubbed off on all three of my kids and they became obsessed. It was something we could all talk about and bond over the rest of the year.

All three of the kids also had their annual art show. They produce some really great stuff when they put their mind to it (and they have an amazing teacher to help them focus their talent.)

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, indoor

LB had his 5th birthday.

DSI and I started a kindness project that turned into more fun than we imagined it would ever be.

July 2016

We spent the 4th of July at a park with fireworks and a carnival and Kentucky Fried Chicken and the kids are old enough that I was actually able to enjoy it rather than be a nervous wreck.

One of DDRs besties brought her a surprise fairy house for no other reason than it would make DDR happy.

DSC was gifted a very nice guitar from his uncle. He started playing right away.

The kids and I flew across the country to visit with our family in Idaho. It was an amazing visit. DSI got to spend time with his toddler cousin  – one of his favorite things to do is spend time with his toddler cousins.

Someone shared this post from someone I don’t know on facebook.

Image may contain: text

On television, I got to witness a woman older than the 19th amendment pledge her states delegates to a woman presidential nominee for a major political party.

DSI chose ‘nerd’ frames for his first pair of glasses.

My florist neighbor continued to bring me flowers. This time some of the most exquisite lilies ever.

Image may contain: plant, flower and nature

August 2016

EG turned 15 years old! Officially the oldest dog I have ever owned.

My mother-in-law and nephew came to visit from Minnesota. We spent the week going to the beach, Minuteman National Park and the Museum of Science. We didn’t want to let them go home.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, shoes, tree, outdoor and nature

DSI started working a real job at a local apple orchard.

I shared my school photo from 7th grade (full of huge glasses and huge braces) on facebook that started a thread with a few of my friends sharing their own school photos. Aside from making me thankful I am no longer thirteen, it made me fall in love a little more with my classmates from middle school and my near-sighted, dentally challenged friends who also shared their pictures.

September 2016

Waking up super early to make Advanced Dining Reservations for our part of nine traveling to Disneyworld in the spring paid off.

DDR started at her new school and fit almost immediately.

DSC got the teacher of his dreams at his last year of elementary school and put in the same class with an equally dreamy group of boys.

DSI found cross-country running and made himself an important member of the school’s team.

I began blogging 🙂

The Vikings started their season 5 – 0. And we won’t bring up the rest of the season.

DH made me fried green tomatoes from our neighbors garden that were to die for.

October 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted SNL and had one of the most enjoyable opening monologues I can remember.

DSC had his 11th birthday! And he’s my baby!

DDR had her 13th birthday! And she’s wearing my same sized shoe!

All three kids spent Halloween with their friends and DH and I got to turn off the lights and not hand out candy to anyone. Not that we have a house that gets any trick-or-treaters anyway. But it still felt naughty.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

November 2016

One of those ladies that came through for me in January came through for me again in November. Again – not knowing her impact.

An amazing friend got me a ticket to see Adam Ant in Boston. I almost peed myself.

DDR and DSC made street signs after the election trying to get everyone to turn off the news.

Image may contain: tree, plant and outdoor

Dear friends who live in New York came to spend Thanksgiving weekend with us.

DSI had his 14th birthday! I can’t even.

December 2016

DH and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We got our Christmas tree like always on our anniversary.

We sent out our high-concept family Christmas card and apparently made a lot of people laugh.

Image may contain: 5 people, people standing


We had a month-long Christmas movie must watch that included the kids seeing The Ref for the first time and Elf for the 416th time.

I received a very sweet birthday illustration from my daughter.

Image may contain: drawing

DDR and DSC joyfully danced at their holiday recital.

PC turned six.

The kids spent a day over the holiday break making a gingerbread house. There was no fighting and all laughter. They will probably never be architects or home designers.

Christmas was everything they wanted it to be.


I will make our traditional New Year’s bolognese for the weekend and we’ll toast to 2016. It was challenging but with challenge comes greater growth. I’m looking forward to seeing who we are in 2017. Blessings to all of you!



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