Just Give Me a Reason

What do you do when you are totally unmotivated to do what you told yourself you were going to do but there’s really no harm in NOT doing it? I’m at that place today. I feel like there is so much stuff I should be doing and one of those things that I should be doing is hanging over me and I don’t really feel like it AND if I don’t do it, no one is going to die and I will be the only person who will probably notice.

I’m a fairly undisciplined person along with being fairly judgmental of myself. Doesn’t make for good sleep when you have all the things running through your head that you did not get to that day. And at the same time you beat yourself up for being so judgmental of yourself and that makes you sleep even less.

But help me with this – how am I supposed to get anything done if I don’t judge myself?

Oprah Winfrey loves herself. But she also gets a lot of crap done. I just lie awake not getting anything done. Le sigh.

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