Dear Joseph Kennedy III

Open Letter to Joseph Kennedy

CC: Massachusetts Representatives to the DNC, Jamie Eldridge, Lori Trahan, Elizabeth Warren


Dear Joseph Kennedy,


I am angry. With you. And on this MLK day, I have to let it out.


Do you understand how your name and privilege took the opportunity from others differently qualified to hold the position in the Senate? Do you understand what having your name and privilege could have done for the election of a person of color or a woman to hold the seat in a body that is sorely lacking in representation for both?


I have no doubt you will fight for what you believe is fair for those born in poverty, people of color, and women once you gain the seat in the Senate. But your experience is not as one born in poverty, a person of color or a woman  – the kind of people you claim are ‘locked out of the system’ and you champion. That is the kind of representation we need in Washington. Right Now. And you locked them out. You could have been such a powerful ally. Instead, you’re tone deaf and THE problem in getting a representative body that truly represents Massachusetts.


I am angry I have little choice but to vote for you in the primary and in November. I’m not a petulant child that is going to withhold my power for a little bit of revenge. But I would like you to know how little I think of you right now.


Get Steve Pemberton and Shannon Liss-Reardon to tell you their stories and include them in your campaign. Build the future of our party and state. Be the solution next time and not the problem.


Thank you,




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