Going on a Mission

Woke up early to make our Advanced Dining Reservations for our spring Disney trip. Super pleased as making ADRs for a party of nine can sometimes be dicey.

My personal fab five (me and DH, DSI, DDR, DSC) are arriving at the Polynesian Resort Thursday and then meeting my sister-in-law and her family Saturday at Old Key West. My kids have no idea that we are staying at the Poly for a couple of nights and I am super excited to surprise them. Being that we go to Disney so regularly, they are usually part of the planning and they enjoy helping to create our itineraries. Having two days to schedule new things and experiences is a nice change of pace for me and staying at a resort we’ve not been to yet will be super exciting for them.

So – before we are able to schedule our fastpasses, here’s our rough itinerary:

Thursday – Land at MCO at 7:30. Magical Express to Poly for the surprise and a late dinner at O’hana.


Friday – Wake at Poly. Monorail to Grand Floridian for breakfast at Grand Floridian Café.  If the weather is sunny, we’ll spend most of the day at the pool and lunch at Kona Island. If the weather is not sunny, we’ll monorail it over to Epcot and eat around the world while playing Agent P World Showcase Adventure. That evening we’ll take in the Spirit of Aloha luau back at the Poly.

Saturday – Wake at the Poly and have breakfast at Kona Café. Transfer to Old Key West and wait at the pool or Disney Springs for my sister-in-law to arrive. Dinner at Olivia’s.

Sunday – Wake at OKW and hightail it over to the Magic Kingdom for a pre park-opening breakfast at the Crystal Palace. This will be our first meal there with preschoolers in a number of years and we are all really looking forward to it. If the preschoolers need a break, we’ll head back to the resort for lunch or if they are going strong we’ll go to my favorite counter service in all The World, Columbia Harbor House. Dinner at Tony’s.


Monday – Wake at OKW and hightail it over to Animal Kingdom Lodge for breakfast at Boma. Lunch will probably be DH’s favorite counter service in all The World, Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom. Break at the resort and then dinner at Epcot and Akershus.


Tuesday – Maybe a bit of sleep in on Tuesday and breakfast in the room at OKW. Make our way to Hollywood Studios (which I still have trouble not calling MGM Studios. If they change the name again like is being rumored, I’m really going to be behind the times) and eat lunch at 50s Prime Time. When the preschoolers need a break, DH and I will take them back to the resort and we’ll allow my sister-in-law to have a date night with her husband. I’ll tell them to take the boat to Epcot and drink around the world.  I wouldn’t doubt if they’ll head to the Boardwalk instead and eat at ESPN and sample a pastry or two at the Boardwalk Bakery.

Wednesday – Another early wake-up at OKW and hightail it to Magic Kingdom for a pre park-opening breakfast at Be Our Guest.  And then counter service for the rest of the day.


Thursday – Breakfast in the room at OKW and then a half day at Animal Kingdom. Dinner that night over at Hollywood Studies and Hollywood and Vine. Which reminds me, I need to tell my sister-in-law that if she’s not already making the preschoolers watch Disney Junior to get on it.


Friday – Make our way over to Epcot after the park opens and eat breakfast in France, DSI’s favorite counter service. We’ll probably also eat lunch in Epcot. After a break at the resort, we’ll eat dinner probably at Pinocchio’s – both DDR and DSC like this one because you can make people wave at you from the Small World boats. Then we’ll do the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party to close out our vacation.


Saturday – we all go home. Bummer.


2 thoughts on “Going on a Mission

    1. Thanks – still a lot to plan. My favorite Counter Service at Hollywood Studios is Starring Rolls – especially for breakfast but I love their sandwiches for lunch, too! Another place I like is Backlot Express because it’s very easy to find seating together. And if I’m trying to fit everyone’s taste buds, we head to the stands along Sunset Blvd. where there are many different choices.


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