Everyday I Write the Book

When you have nothing to write that you think is of any importance do you just make up sentences? Because I have made a deal with myself to post SOMETHING – anything – for so many days, I did. And now, you know the kind of little stories that come up in my head when I am trying to write something more profound:

One thought

Once a young woman got in her car and could not find the keys to start it.  She looked through her purse, in her pockets and in the console where she found a an old walk man with a cassette in it.  She thought it must have come with the car and to her surprise, when she pressed play – it played.  It played a Thomas Dolby cassette to which she thought “how sad that I know who this is and what a walk man is”  She was so into her new/old treasure that she forgot she was supposed to be driving to meet her friends at the mall for a pedicure.  When she did not show up, they called her on her cell phone but her cell phone was with her keys.

Another thought

Two dogs slept on a couch while their owner was away.  They were not allowed on the couch when the owner was home.  The owner has his suspicions that the dogs slept on the couch while he was away, but did not care enough to get any gadgets that might solve the problem.  They shed, but not horribly and they were probably sad he was away so why not let them sleep on the couch.  However, the dogs were not sad when their owner left because they got to sleep on the couch.  They wished he would never come back.

Yet another thought

A woman went to a huge shoe store looking for a perfect pair of flip flops.  She owned them once, but had been unable to find another pair just like them once the first pair wore out.  Though they were worn out, she didn’t throw them out.  They stayed in the back of her closet gathering dust and those fur balls that come from nowhere.  If she were ever able to find another pair like them , the original shoes were so far back in her closet that she would never know they were there to throw out anyway.  Maybe someday, they would be sold with the house. Maybe that would happen time after time when the house was sold to different owners until later, when the woman was much older, the current owners of the house found the shoes when they were rebuilding the closet and put them on ebay as a vintage/kitchy sort of thing and the woman – who was probably close to 90 years old saw them and bought them.  But even though they were worn out, she was thrilled she finally had a perfect pair of flip flops again.

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