Beautiful Boy

I write a lot about DDR and to a lesser extent about DSI but not so much about my youngest DSC. I am a third child, the youngest, too so I get it. I know my parents did not love me any less, but my upbringing was different than that of my older brother and older sister. A little more casual and friendly. DSC is experiencing the same.

In my and my parents defense though – I and DSC are different from our siblings. In sibling terms, I was born enough years after my sister that I would be considered an only child by some child experts since she was at school full time when I showed up. I think having a couple of teen agers when I was still really little made my parents understand what was really priority and what was not so I really got to figure out a lot on my own terms.

DSC is much closer in age to his siblings but he is filled with a little more common sense, more empathy, a stronger work ethic and an earlier understanding of consequences.

Much of this probably has to do with growing up behind siblings. He gets to see first-hand what behavior is rewarded and what is not. Hears explanations of rules before they will be applied to him. He’s also known nothing else than having to share his space and much of his belongings with his siblings and thus he’s easily open and free with his thoughts and things.

He’s goofy. He’s really kind. He’s above anything his siblings were doing in math at the same age. He’s creative. He’s busy. He easily tries new things. He’s responsible. He’s lovely.

He’s also just different though. He’s wired different from his brother and sister. He’s proof to me that kids come out with the personality they are going to have and a parent can’t do much to shape that personality. * And isn’t that a load off?

(*Parents CAN make sociopaths. Love your kids without limit to lessen the chance they turn into sociopaths.)

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