Bleeding Me

I think I picked at least two dozen ticks off the dogs and me two days ago. Being into animal totems, I looked up what having a tick cross your path might mean. As you might suspect, you should be on the lookout for people who are sucking the life out of you.

I looked the totem up then and promptly forgot about it.

Today though, I seem to have only the will to sit on the sofa with Ben and his sexy friend Jerry. While willing myself to go pick up my child from clarinet practice, the description of the tick totem came to me and I pondered a moment if in fact someone was sucking the life out me.

The answer came. And was facebook. Not shockingly so, but because my facebook friends were not in the room sucking my life, I didn’t realize it was happening.

Social media is an interesting beast. I appreciate how it acts as a diary year to year as it brings up some truly wonderful memories. I love that I am easily in touch with friends from long ago and that I can update my family across the nation of what their grandchildren and cousins are up to. I’ve been exposed to things my friends and family enjoy that I never would have known otherwise. Generally, it’s a fun way to share what interests us or what is grabbing our attention at the time.

However, this presidential election and some state-wide ballots postings are stretching the limits of my willingness to live and let live. I have friends and family who are posting things that make me sad, angry, frustrated and all kinds of incredulous. I do admit to hiding two of my friends from my feed because their postings are too offensive to me. I plan on bringing them back to my feed once the election is over. But, I don’t want to make hiding people a default because I will make my input an echo chamber and that does me no good in expanding my awareness and hopefully my acceptance of all kinds.

To ward off more ticks on my dogs and in my armpits though, I think I might take a break from facebook until the first freeze kills off all those little life-sucking buggers. And coincidentally isn’t that around election day?

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