More Today Than Yesterday

Why I love my husband today:

  1. Without me asking, he made sure I was able to sleep-in by putting up the gate so the dogs couldn’t get into my room.
  2. He took the kids to church.
  3. He watched over two playdates while I drove the eldest to work and picked up lunch.
  4. He set up lunch for the playdaters.
  5. He worked on work even though it’s Sunday.
  6. He’s happy the Patriots won.
  7. He facilitated – including a trip to the store for toothpicks and marshmallows – our daughter’s building of a 3D caffeine molecule for school.
  8. He picked up our eldest from work while I went to a GNO.
  9. He was sad for me when I was stood-up at said GNO.
  10. He made me a horchata and root beer.
  11. He thought up a hilarious game while the kids and we were doing our nightly gratitude of yelling compliments to each other like they were insults. You might have had to be there, but it was fun and funny.
  12. He’s excited for the Vikes game in a few minutes. He lives in the present so well. A trait our daughter inherited from him – and I am so grateful for that.
  13. He wanted to kiss me all day long. Just like yesterday and the day before that. It’s lovely to be loved.

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